Travel size essentials and toiletries for airbnb
Hotel size essentials made for airbnb
Airbnb amenities toiletries
Superhost Plus set 100x $2.84/guest
Superhost Plus set 100x $2.84/guest
Guest soap travel size

Superhost Plus set 100x $2.84/guest

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Impress your guest with luxury toiletries. This package includes : 

Eco-friendly. Packed in paper box. From recycled paper only. 

100x wooden hair brush ( comb );

100x dental kit ( bamboo toothbrush + 5g toothpaste ) : disposable eco-friendly toothbrush from bamboo, the best sustainably grown, naturally anti-microbial and biodegradable;

100x soap ( 100% vegetable );

100x shower cap - shower cap to keep guest's hair dry;

100x vanity kitincludes 4 cotton swabs, 2 cotton pads, 1 nail file, packed in paper box;