About Us

For Airbnb hosts who wants to stand out on the Airbnb market, bnb essence is a brand offering high quality bathroom essentials. Unlike traditional brands, our products provide a combination of extraordinary eco-friendliness, targeted design fit and affordability.
The bnb essence was founded in January 2018 by Jakub Novak. As an Airbnb host, Jakub enjoys making simple products for other hosts.

Before founding bnb essence, Jakub was an Airbnb hosts in Australia. Shortly after managing his own listing, he decided to help other property owners with the entire Airbnb management. After a while he was managing 15 properties around Brisbane city.

At that moment Jakub wanted to differentiate his properties and boost reviews. "I was looking to get single use toiletries for Airbnb guests but hotel ones did not seem to fit. Additionally, it was difficult to get the products in lower quantities and did not emphasise on environmental sustainability. 
So Jakub and his freelance designers created a brand as an unofficial Airbnb supplier and designed bathroom essentials that would perfectly fit with its design, eco-friendliness, price and accessibility. 

For creating a superior product, bnb essence partnered with a world leading amenities manufacturer to accomplish :

1. affordable cost matching large scale producers
2. 4-5 stars hotel quality
3. environmentally responsible products

After our first collection, we aim to add new collection every 1,5 years.
Additionally, we are going to introduce printable digital products for Airbnb hosts, such as graphical Welcome Booklet. 

Contact information
info@bnbessence.com ; sales@bnbessence.com
tel.: + 420 776 898 682,
whats app : + 61 451 921 534

Our fulfilment centres are located in Indianapolis, USA and Netherlands, Europe.

Company details
NOVAPRO & spol s.r.o.
Tererova 1357, Prague 4, 149 00, Czech Republic, Europe

We are hosts ourselves, click here to see Jakub's profile. 

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